At present, dynamic order tracking is only offered on select plans, and is not activated for trial accounts. 

Once activated, and a customer uses a checkout link from your quote, and completes their checkout, we will update the quote as ordered, as well as create a link to the order w/in your dashboard. 

No discount is required for us to track the conversion.

Note: If a customer uses the link more than once, we'll attribute all those orders to the quote. It happens, and is not a bad thing! If it is, set an expiration on the quote!

What if a customer calls to place an order? 

We suggest using the create order link from w/in the QN dashboard. See the Create Order help article. 

If that's not an option, and you're manually entering the order, then you'll need to:

Enter the EXACT Quote # in parenthesis in the staff notes section on Order Submission in the BC dash.

This will trigger Quote Ninja to attribute that order to the specified quote. 

*Adding the quote number after the original order submission will not update QN's status. We suggest manually changing the status to ordered at that point. 

We also tag our links with a UTM code that will pass into your Google Analytics. More on that here. 

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