If you are using Cart Level Discounts, you'll need to account for these when quoting.

Bigcommerce has no mechanism for any developer to identify cart level discounts. Their logic on discount rules is also "baked" into their platform to where we can't make overrides... (More on that below..) Rest assured, we're working on a way to at least identify when they're active and let you know, but it's a quite difficult problem, and still a work in progress.. 

The good news is that there is a glimmer of hope! BigCommerce currently has "Discount Rules" listed in the planning stage on their API roadmap. If it's important to you, you should go vote on it, and let them know! Of course there is no guarantee or even timeline for this release.

Link to Trello Card on their API roadmap: https://trello.com/c/jsD3GdUi

See below for the logic on how discounts are applied to quotes within BC. 

Our discounts are applied via coupon code.. it's the only way it can be done w/in BC's framework at present. Note the order in which they layer on discounts.

The below is cut and paste from this support article explaining the order w/ which discounts are applied. 


Order of Operations

If you have multiple discounts running at one time, the system runs them with a specific priority. See below to learn which discounts are honored first.


  1. Cart-Level Discounts - Product Rules
  2. Cart-Level Discounts - Order Rules
  3. Customer Groups
  4. Option/Option Set price change rules
  5. Bulk Pricing discounts
  6. Product List option/bundle price changes
  7. Coupon Codes


  1. Cart-Level Discounts
  2. Option/Option Set price change rules
  3. Bulk Pricing discounts
  4. Customer Groups
  5. Product List option/bundle price changes
  6. Coupon Codes
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