By default, our script will record several Google Analytic events for our frontend form and buttons. 

Reference Google Event Measurement docs:

All our events will have an event_category of 'quote-ninja'

The event type is usually 'click' or if a quote is loaded via a url, then it will be 'url'

The event labels are the following:

  • 'submit-quote',
  • 'cart-to-quote',
  • 'load-quote',
  • 'add-product-to-quote'

For Google Tag Manager
Data will be sent in the following format:

type: 'event',
eventType: 'click' or 'url',
category: 'quote-ninja',
label: 'submit-quote' or 'cart-to-quote' or 'load-quote' or 'add-product-to-quote',
data: productID or quoteID or null
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