1. Launch Store from Dashboard.
  2. Edit Robots.txt if worried about search engines indexing site before it goes live. 
  3. Use Maintenance Mode if you're worried someone will stumble upon your site in development. 

Unless you've already pointed your domain, we find that it's much easier to work on a "launced" store at the temporary domain yourstore.mybigcommerce.com than it is to mess with a preview code all the time. 

Launching Your Store

On the bottom of the dashboard when logged into your stores control panel click "Launch Store" button. (Store owner user must do this.)

Robots.txt - What about Google Indexing my site while in development? 

Replace your Robots.txt with the following: 

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This tells all robots (search engines) to not visit any page on the site. 

IMPORTANT: When you set the site live, be sure to revert back to the default robots.txt.

To view or edit the Robots.txt file, go to Store SetupStore SettingsWebsite tab and scroll down to the HTTPS section

A copy of the default robots.txt can be found here: Robots.txt (Posted At BigCommerce Support.)

Maintenance Mode

This is usually only used if you've already pointed a domain at the new store. Temporary domains, esp. w/ a robots.txt set to disallow have a very slim chance of being found by anyone, even if they're looking for it!

If you do want to prevent non-admin users from viewing your site again, just put it in maintenance mode, and leave them a friendly message that you'll be online soon with the support of some Quote Ninjas! 

Store Setup>Store Settings

It's the first option on the page under Store Status. 

NOTE: If you are on the Blueprint framework, or installed QN before August 2018, then the 2 Required Quote Ninja code snippets must still be installed for Quote Ninja to function. 

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