Don't let Double Data Entry  be the death of your time! (DDE - Ewww!)

So... you've sent your quote, and the customer has called in to place their order, or emailed you a PO. Previously you'd have to completely re-enter all of this info into BC to get the order in the system and be able to collect/apply a payment. 

Now all you need to do is open the Quote in Quote Ninja. 

On the top right of the quote, you will see the Create Order button.

Next you'll see this popup: 

In this popup, you'll have the option to modify both the Billing & Shipping info. Toggle the switch on to use the info from the quote, or off to make changes for each address. 

Once your address / email info is correct, click the Create button.

After  a few moments, you'll see a link to the order at the top right of the quote. Clicking this will take you to the order w/in your BC dashboard. 

The order is entered into BC with an Awaiting Payment status. 

To apply any shipping, and payment, you'll need to click Edit Order

If shipping is not Free, be sure to fetch & apply a shipping method. 

Note: If you're on a Black Belt Plan, and using our custom shipping module, we will carry any custom shipping value over to the order. 

Last but not least, select and process the payment.


Caveat :

  • Items with Configurable Fields will get created as single use custom order items. BigCommerce does not support config fields for order creation, and suggests that you utilize product options if this is necessary. Tech details here.
  • You can modify/select the actual item while editing the order. This might be useful if you are tracking inventory on that item, or utilize 3rd party fulfillment software. 
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