You can now set expiration dates based on a set time period. It's located under the rep. assignment drop down.

A few things to understand: 

  • We use custom coupon codes to apply the discounts you provide via your quotes. 
  • These are "magically" created each time you send a discounted quote. 
  • Using the expiration features will cause the coupon to expire at the set interval. 
  • If you resend your quote, it will reset the expiration date on the coupon code.

If you want the expiration info to dynamically update on your quote, you'll need to utilize a couple variables in your custom template. 


{{?qn.quote.expires}}Quote is valid for {{=qn.quote.expires}}, expires on {{=qn.quote.expiry_date}}.{{?}} 

The above variables will only show if an expiration is set. We do this by utilizing an "if statement" with the template variables. You'll note we have a "?" vs and "=" at the beginning of the first variable, and that we close the if statement with {{?}}. 

Adding code to your custom template: 

And how it'll render on your quote: 

Don't worry - if you need help configuring these to your needs, we've always got a Ninja close by to help ;-)

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