Are some of your app icons missing in yoru BigCommerce dashboard? Quote Ninja one of them? 

During BigCommerce's API outage yesterday, they lost connection to some apps. For security purposes, these secure API connections can only be activated by the store owner user


Steps to correct (1 to 3 minutes)

  1. Login as the store owner
  2. If the app icon is present, uninstall, and then re-install. 
  3. If no app is present, click on the marketplace link and locate Quote Ninja and re-install

Assuming you've already got QN all configured, when the install screen shows up, just hit the "Setup Later" button, and you won't see that screen again.

That's it! 

You're good to go! 

Note: We officially support our dashboard in the latest versions of Chrome. We also recommend for the best User experience to login directly using your QN user at

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